Property Management

We undertake the full management of your property. Your only involvement will be the receipt of the monthly payouts. Our team will take care of everything. This is a one stop service for your property which includes everything needed for the online listing, the booking management and the handling of the reservations.

Online Presentation

This is a key element for the success of the property’s promotion. The creation of the proper listing in the web should not be handled by amateurs. Our team will take professional care of the listing in platforms like AirBnB, Booking e.a. , create a direct booking website for the property and promote it through the social media.

Booking Management

The guests need to be served swiftly, with warmth and professionalism. The responses to their queries cannot wait and the check-ins / check-outs can be time demanding. Our experienced staff will always respond promptly and welcome the guests as a proper and kind host should do. The quality of this personal interaction usually makes the difference between a good and an excellent commendation.

Reservation Optimization

This is the fine tuning required for the utmost success of the listing of the property. Various factors like the location, the competition and the regional availability have to be taken into consideration in order to adjust the details of the online listing. For the optimal outcome, in addition to our expertise, we use professional tools offered by the leading channel management providers.

Cleaning and Organizing

The cleaning of the property and the proper organizing of the space for the guests is a vital service. Especially in our time the measures against Covid19 have to be carefully followed so that the guests will feel properly taken care of and protected. Our services range include the arrangement for the cleaning and careful organizing of the property.

Concierge Services

The add-on that will make the guests to smile even more. This is the quality upgrade that provides an added value. The guests can ask for any additional service they require during their stay and we shall arrange to be provided in a tailor made way that will meet their needs. From trip advices, to a private chef and a limousine service, everything can be provided.

Property Upgrade

You may decide that your property needs a lifting or an upgrade. We offer professional decoration and renovation services based on our long experience in this business. The properties offered to guests need a specific aesthetic approach that is usually different from the one used in our homes. In combination with smart home features and automations we can transform a property to a desirable space that guests will want to revisit.